BiVisible Bristol help us kick off our research

We were delighted to be able to ask BiVisible Bristol’s members what they thought of our study and our research materials before we launched our recruitment for this research.

We were grateful to be welcomed into the meet up on Wednesday 14th September and so many people gave us their thoughtful and considered responses.  We asked BiVisible members to comment on our information sheet and our demographics sheet – which we ask people to fill out before taking part in an interview. The information sheet explains what this research is all about to any potential participants and is now available if you decide that you’d like to know more about the study and want to take part – just get in touch to be sent this.

After talking to lots of people, we had loads of great suggestions on what to change – we increased the amount of space on the demographics forms so people could tell us more about themselves before the interview. We also added some further details to the information sheet and corrected some grammar mistakes that an eagle-eyed BiVisible member pointed out!

This kind of feedback is so important to us. We want to ensure that we are doing all we can to address the needs and wishes of bisexual people in this research and make sure that it’s meaningful to people. We are going to keep communicating with BiVisible Bristol and their members as the research progresses so they will definitely continue to be involved – their careful and constructive feedback has helped us guide and improve what we do.

We’ll be adding more to the project updates section in the coming months – so stay tuned for more on what the project and to learn about events where you can hear more detail about our findings and the next steps in the research.

For now, we are recruiting! If you are bisexual, live in or near Bristol, and are in any kind of relationship(s) – from dating through to legally recognised and everything in-between – then we’d love to hear from you. Please do get in touch via the ‘contact us’ page so that we can send you more information and you can consider whether you’d like to take part.


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