Meet the researchers!

We know that sometimes it can be difficult to agree to take part in research like this when you don’t know anything about the people who are conducting it. In this update we want to introduce the team and tell you a little about all of us, including why we want to do this research.

nhMy name is Nikki and I work at the University of the West of England (UWE). I grew up in Somerset and moved to Bristol about 20 years ago. After doing various jobs in cafes and call centres, I decided I wanted to study for a psychology degree. I identify as bisexual and it was this, and my interest in bisexuality, that led me to doing research at a university. I now teach and research psychology full-time at UWE. I started to notice that most bisexuality research focuses on individual experiences of bisexuality, and ‘biphobia’. This means we don’t know much about how bisexual people experience their intimate/ romantic relationships – which makes me want to find out more about this topic!

ccMy name is Chris, I’m based at St Mary’s University in West London. I grew up in Portsmouth in a working class family, I still miss the sea. I’ve always loved Psychology, I did my undergraduate degree at Portsmouth, then a PhD at Southampton and have been lecturing and researching in the field ever since. I’m really interested in romantic relationships, sex and sexuality and particularly those areas that we don’t hear a lot about like bisexuality and non-monogamy. I’ve done research on polyamory and swinging, and in my spare time I carry on with that theme and swing about on a flying trapeze rig.


lrMy name is Lizzie and I work at the University of the West of England. I grew up in rural Leicestershire in a working class family. I did my undergraduate degree in Lancaster and a few years later I moved to Brighton where I did my Masters in Sexuality and Culture at the University of Sussex, and then a PhD in Gender and Media Studies. My research and teaching is all about how sexuality and gender connect with how we think about our relationships and ourselves. I identify as bisexual or queer and I’ve noticed that there isn’t much research about what it is like to identify in this way, particularly if you are in (a) relationship(s). For this reason, I’m really keen to find out more about other people’s experiences of being bisexual.

I’m also the member of the team who is leading the interviews, so if you decide to take part and we arrange to have an interview, I’m the person you are most likely to meet. Don’t worry though, we’ll be sure to tell you who will be meeting you for an interview at the time we agree a time and date!


We hope these brief introductions help you get a sense for who we are, and make us seem less mysterious!

We are recruiting now! If you are bisexual, live in or near Bristol, and are in any kind of relationship(s) – from dating through to legally recognised and everything in-between – then we’d love to hear from you. Please do get in touch via the ‘contact us’ page so that we can send you more information and you can consider whether you’d like to take part.


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