Bisexual Relationship Research Report

As we mentioned in our recent post, recruitment for the project so far has been going wonderfully! We’re so grateful to the people of Bristol for responding so enthusiastically to the project. During October and November we ran a poster campaign in the cafes around Bristol city centre which was hugely successful in getting the word out about our project to potential participants. Perhaps you saw our posters up and down Gloucester Road, around and about the city centre, and in the M-Shed?

So far we’ve interviewed 18 bisexual people about their relationships. Of these, 3 were men, 2 were genderqueer or non-binary, and the remaining 13 were women. This spread of men and women roughly corresponds with some existing research which suggests that women are more likely to identify as bisexual than men. There is no conclusive data available which reviews what percentage of non-binary people identify as bisexual – in fact, this group of people are still woefully underrepresented in studies on sexuality and relationships.

We’ve had a good mix of participants from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and ages. We’ve had 5 participants who are in open, non-monogamous, or poly relationships and all of our participants have been keen to talk to us about how they have made the decision to arrange their relationships in monogamous or non-monogamous ways.

Every interview we’ve conducted so far has been rich and varied with participants generously sharing their time and being candid when speaking about what being bisexual, and being in a relationship, is like for them. We’ve been delighted and privileged to hear about the ways in which bisexual people, and their partners, show support and affection for one another. And we’ve loved hearing about how people hope their relationships will develop in the future.

We’re really excited about the comments and opinions participants have shared with us so far and we’re confident that we’ve got lots of interesting, important, and new information to share with the world about bisexual people and their relationships!

We’re still recruiting men by the way, so if you are a bisexual man (and we use the term men to mean all kinds of men) and would like to take part please head over to the contact us page.


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