Recruitment closes – what next?

We’ve mentioned in previous posts that we’ve had a great response to our call for participants and we’re delighted to announce that we have now concluded the interview stage of the project!

In total we interviewed 20 participants which is exactly the number we were aiming for. There were 13 women, 4 men, and 3 non-binary and genderqueer people. Their ages ranged from 18-40, and they were in a range of different relationship types including monogamous, poly, open, and non-monogamous.

To give you an idea just how much information and many ideas we have collected from the participants who generously shared their time and experiences, we have more than 30 hours of audio recordings which, after Lizzie transcribed them into written documents, amounts to a massive 225,000 words!

We’re so grateful to all the wonderful people who have taken the time to meet us and share their varied experiences and thoughts about being bisexual and being in a relationship.

The project isn’t over just yet, though.

As we’ve now got all of our interviews done – or ‘data’ collected – it’s time to begin our analysis and start to produce written reports to share here on the blog, with our participants, and with professional networks; so keep your eyes peeled for our next update at the end of the summer.


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