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Recruitment closes – what next?

We've mentioned in previous posts that we've had a great response to our call for participants and we're delighted to announce that we have now concluded the interview stage of the project! In total we interviewed 20 participants which is exactly the number we were aiming for. There were 13 women, 4 men, and 3 non-binary... Continue Reading →


Bisexual Men and Relationships

There’s not much research out there that reports what bisexual men think about this, and even less which talks about how bisexual men feel about their identities, in terms of how they fit with their relationships. We’re committed to representing as many different bisexual people’s experiences in this project as possible.

Bisexual Relationship Research Report

As we mentioned in our recent post, recruitment for the project so far has been going wonderfully! We’re so grateful to the people of Bristol for responding so enthusiastically to the project. During October and November we ran a poster campaign in the cafes around Bristol city centre which was hugely successful in getting the... Continue Reading →

Bisexual Representation and this Project

We know from the interviews we’ve done already that a lot of people enjoy the types of posts which circulate on social media - especially Tumblr - that celebrate and validate bisexuality. The bisexual people who’ve taken part in our research report that they find bisexuality just doesn’t get discussed or represented very much on TV... Continue Reading →

Meet the researchers!

We know that sometimes it can be difficult to agree to take part in research like this when you don’t know anything about the people who are conducting it. In this update we introduce the team

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